Sunday, October 16, 2011

sunday suppers

Okay, I'm pretty sure that my best day for meal planning is a Sunday. That way I get to the shops and buy everything I need for the week ahead. Here's what's cooking this week:

Tonight: I have some mince in the fridge that hubby bought on friday on a two for $10 special. As I also have some white corn chips in the pantry, and loads of ripe tomatoes, I'll be making nachos for dinner. As I also have a cob of corn and some coriander, best serve it with a corn salsa...

Monday: My father-in-law dropped off a bag of lemons on friday - best make baked lemon chicken don't you think?

Tuesday: I have a standing rib roast that needs cooking. Complete with baked chats and roasted pumpkin and sweet potato and some greens.

Wednesday: I feel like making calzone. Should I? Salami should be one of the ingredients don't you think?

Thursday: Turkish lamb meatballs, salad and couscous.

Friday: Hubby's at a golf day all day - he'll need serious sustenance when he gets home - I'll do a chorizo pasta bake.

Saturday: I enjoyed last Saturday's bbq so much that I think I'd best do it again.


  1. Good lord I'm hungry now. I dont think I've said hello before, I just started reading your blog. Hello!

  2. Oh yummo, what a week you have lined up! I like to plan a few days ahead too, but you have seriously got it sorted. Now I'm feeling rather peckish for nachos ;o)
    Love the pic too, classic! xo

  3. Oh I just love lemon chicken. I am a big fan of Donna Hays baked chicken with chorizo, truss tomatoes, potato and lemon one pan roast wonder!
    Not sure whats on the menu for this week as yet. I have been craving and eating fish and seafood and salad all weekend and think I might have to continue with that them.
    Perhaps a fish pie on Monday night will suffice. A salad of half crumb whiting fillets with rocket and orange segments for dinner on Tuesday night.
    Lamb chop Wednesday is alwasy a firm stayer in my kitchen.
    Thursday might be a curry night.
    Friday night the boys can all make home made pizzas whilst I swan around the winebar at work.
    Saturday night - pork belly!
    Have a great week Linda.
    Nic xo

  4. sounds so yummy! i find sunday the best time for planning too :D

  5. This is extraordinarily organized but by jingo that's a lot of meat! *s*

  6. I love the way you blog your weekly meal plans! And I'm going to also say that I think I'm a similar cook to you. I see what's there and then think of a dish to make. It's hard to be so organised though, isn't it?

    I do my weekly shopping on tue/wed afternoons when the kids are at daycare, but recently I've been noticing that I have to do an extra shop on the weekends as they just go through the fruit and veg unbelievably quickly.

    The only difference to my week is that I don't cook on fridays. That was my rule when we first got married - so friday nights are take out night or we go out for dinner. And on the menu tonight in our household are chicken fajita's with - yes! - a corn and avocado salsa. :)


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