Sunday, October 09, 2011

sweet sunday

Don't you love the morning after a great night out? We caught up with a fab group of friends last night in one of our friends' amazing new house {it's just perfection - I plan on sneaking over and moving into their sun-room - don't think they'll notice...} We had gorgeous food, lotsa champagne and lots of laughs. Don't you just love that?

So we're taking it slowly this morning {well, hubby's not - he's been up since 5am and ridden far too many kilometres - craziness}. My gal and I slept in, and now we're off to Coles to buy a few essentials and check out the new clothing range some of my fave bloggers have been raving about.

This afternoon will involve leisurely bike riding down to the tennis courts so the gal can have a few practice hits before she starts tennis lessons next weekend. A bit of gardening might also be involved. Bliss.

How's your weekend panning out?


  1. What a sweet, calm Sunday!
    Sunday's are "back to work" day for our family, but always seem to have that relaxed Sunday feel to them anyway!

  2. What is wring with men? Why do they do these things?

    Your morning sounded loads more fun.

    Happy Sunday.


  3. You are living the calm, quiet and lovely life that I imagine for myself... someday.

    Don't you just love that wild garden in the pic. I am fully into the tressly thingies (not sure what the technical term is) at the moment. I need more climbing plants in my life. x


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