Tuesday, October 25, 2011

three ps

So, as I'm not allowed to talk about jury duty {the first rule of jury duty is that you can't talk about jury duty...} I thought I'd hold this place with a cute pic. Three ps: a puppy, on a pushie, in Provence.

Cute non?


  1. Qu'est que c'est la? (Forgive my lousy French - it's been over 30 years) Jury duty?

  2. Bonjour Glenda, yes, it's serving as one of 12 jurors on a court cases. Fun and interesting at times - heinously boring at others {particularly as we're not allowed to talk about it outside of court!}

  3. Cute, oui! However I am confused about the "pushie" part. Is the bike a pushie or the basket?

  4. My dogs are too fat to fit in a basket!!

    You so could have got out of doing JD! One of my colleagues has been doing it for months and still has months to go. DYING to know what it is about, must be pretty scandalous.


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