Saturday, October 29, 2011

wooo hooo hoooo

Oh my goodness, it's the weekend - and my jury duty's FINISHED. Goodness, what a week. At first I found the process fascinating. We had a prosecutor and and defence attorney all dressed in robes and wigs, with associates writing copious notes to hand to make sure nothing was left un-asked. The judge happily filled us in on what was going on with interesting asides and it was a real insight into our legal system.

Then it got tired. In the courtroom it was interesting, but then we'd get locked in the jury room - not so good. I met some really interesting people on the jury, and then, like an event where random people are thrown together, there was one person who just rubbed me totally up the wrong way. Drove. Me. Nuts.

Eventually justice was served, but oh, it took ages. I bit my tongue far too many times, spoke up far more often than I'm used to and generally tried to get accustomed to a world in which different people see and hear different things - even when they're in the same room.


But luckily we'd organised to have friends over to dinner last night - on what I discovered was Champagne Day. So, naturally, we drank champagne - which helped wash away the feeling of being locked away for a week.

Today we'll be working on my gal's halloween costume, and we'll be making some spooky halloween cake pops {glittery jack o'lanterns!}. We're also taking along a hot dish to share with all the families at the Halloween party, we're making Dead Man's Bones... {slow roasted pork ribs!}.

I know that some people aren't fond of Halloween in Australia - but I love any opportunity to dress up. Also, our friends live in a neighbourhood where Halloween is embraced, and the kids only Trick or Treat at houses with a decoration on the front gate {the sign that trick or treating is encouraged}. Last year was a hoot - with so many people dressing up, and some of the house decorations were amazing. I've also finally worked out my costume - I'm frocking up as Bellatrix from Harry Potter. It's a bit too easy really, I've got the hair already...

Have a great weekend everyone x


  1. That's so odd, I can't imagine not being fond of Halloween. Congrats for being done with jury duty!

  2. Have fun at the party. Dead Man's Bones! Brilliant idea for spooky food.

  3. I love Halloween! I wish our neighbourhood embraced it..

  4. Here is America it's a given. I hang out in my friend's driveway where last year we gave out jello shots to the adults - they deserve it - and candy to the kids. It's a blast. Too bad Australians don't do Halloween.

  5. I'm with you, hate Halloween with a passion. I'm dreading the banging on the doors and the groups of children dressed as creatures that scare my two autistic little men.

    I'm facinated by the jury duty. I wish we could hear more about it. Or at least about the person who irritated you.

    I'd imagine there'd be some funny stories.

  6. That is very cool that you get so involved with halloween. I actually had choccies ready for trick or treaters last year... and no one showed!
    The jury duty thing sounded tough. Invariably there is always one person that rubs everyone up the wrong way, I think they're put there for that purpose :o/
    Happy Halloween to you :o)

  7. I love the idea of Halloween, but its not big in our area and I rarely celebrate it. Last year I went all out and craved a pumpkin and the kids dressed up, it was so much fun.

    This year on Halloween I will be in city seeing "The Grates" perform with friends - Hubby is working nightshift and the kids will be with the grandparents. No Halloween for us this year :(


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