Wednesday, October 19, 2011

wowee, it's wednesday?

Oh me oh my this year is speeding by. I kind of feel like I'm riding a bicycle, by pedalling backwards, while in the ocean, at the moment. So. Much. To. Do. Meal planning's saving my sanity as usual - so thank goodness I have that.

If only I had this dressing room to sit on that fabulous chair, my neck tickled by that glorious apricot number and ponder a while.

That's what I need. A little time to ponder a while {or at least synchronise all my dates so I don't keep double-booking myself - I did it TWICE yesterday. TWICE!}

Okay, off to breathe and write a to-do list.


  1. Yes, the silly season is fast approaching.

  2. Agree.... the days are flying by and of yeeeeesssss, the meal planner keeps me sane and organised.

    Happy days to you Linda xo

  3. I have a dressing room. The whole second room is dedicated to all my shit. The rabbit also lives in there. :/

  4. I would love a rabbit, a fluffy white one - probably not in my dressing room though, if I had one (we can't keep them here in QLD unless we are circus performers). Love the chair - i need to redo the couch, so maybe leopard print instead of boring brown?!


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