Tuesday, November 01, 2011

halloween happenings

 My gal all dressed up as a black kitty cat. And her pal all decked out in Pirate garb.

At the party house, ready for trick or treating.

I loved this Zombie guy at one of the houses. The kids only trick or treat at houses that are decorated, where they know they're welcome. This guy even had Thriller playing over and over to get him in the mood - and broke out some serious zombie moves.

One of the scenes from my fave houses in the street. That's dedication right there.

 And yep, that guy was fully into it - put on a show and offered up some great lollies for the kids.

Lil ghost fairy lights - so CUTE!

Loved this dude just lolling about on the front verandah, kicking back, enjoying the view of all the kids in costume happily wandering the streets...

It was an awesome Halloween. Once again I forgot to take photos of myself, or of the finished ribs {they were delish!}. Halloween in Australia can be done well if it's organised, and interested people take place. Most of the families we saw walking around were young kids, dressed up and excited to be playing. The decorated houses loved seeing the kids - and one elderly lady didn't decorate her house, but stood out the front with a tupperware container filled with lollies - enjoying the spectacle of her neighbourhood coming alive and loving the chance the speak to so many people.

Oh, and here's a good idea I heard last night. One of the mums went around to all the elderly people in her neighbourhood explaining halloween and giving them a bag of lollies to hand out, and a ribbon to tie to their front gate. The kids happily halloweened around the block, elderly people got to share the kids' joy without forking out for the lollies - and everyone was happy. Bless.

A chance to frock up, have fun and get out in the neighbourhood? Gotta love that.


  1. Oh how much fun!! My kids love Halloween. They are still too little to go trick or treating, but they love to dress up and hand out lollies to the bigger kids that ring the doorbell.

  2. Great pics. Happy Halloween.
    I didn't trick or treat this year. Mr.Kypo took the kidlets. I was working. BLAH!

  3. I think why not, just looks like good fun. So glad you had such a nice time. x

  4. Looks like you guys had a great night! We took the boys trick or treating, it was fun, so many people out and a great atmosphere xx

  5. We took turns in taking the street's kids around. It was a classic. Then it took an hour for them to get to sleep.... #sugar

  6. Oh how wonderful! Love the pics! Your gal is gorgeous, kitty cat costume is adorable :o)
    That guy kicking back on the verandah looked like he'd been waiting around a while... sorry, couldn't resist that corny crack ;o)
    How fantastic that people got so involved and a lovely idea for the elderly neighbours. Such great community spirit right there.
    Thanks for sharing xo

  7. My cats reckon your daughter looks awesome. Pass it on, will you. :)

    My other half bought all these lollies, and no kids came, so ate all the lollies. :/


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