Monday, November 28, 2011

harper seven: very squishy

I do love a bub with squishy cheeks - so obviously I ADORE Harper Beckham. PS: Am loving Posh's long locks. Sigh. And those boots...


  1. She is one glamourous Mum. I would have hated the pressure of having to look that good with such a small bub! No trackie dacks for our Posh! x

  2. What a cute photo! Little Harper looks like a baby doll perched on her hip. Gorgeous! xo

  3. OMG Harper is so darned cute. I see Posh is no longer tottering around in the 7 inch platforms and is now wearing a more modest mummy height 5 inches!

  4. Maxabella, I know, I do love me a bit of Posh.

    MM, can't imagine it can you?

    Mama of 2 boys - she's just the most squishable doll isn't she?

    EmmaK - so true, she's virtually in flats!

  5. the ultimate accessory :) le xox

    ps loving the whole outfit ... airport sheik!

  6. Naaaw, I went through a whole gallery of pics of these two stylish little ladies the other day. I couldn't help it. I am drawn to squishy babies and former spice girls. :D


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