Sunday, November 06, 2011

homegrown vegies

Good things are happening in our vegie garden. Look at those lettuce, and oh, the beetroot! Last night we ate the first of our baby carrots and YUM - the most deliciously 'carrotty' carrots I've ever eaten. Divine. Tonight I'm roasting some baby beetroot to serve with persian fetta and salad greens {and beetroot leaves!}. And my tomatoes - oh, you should see the tomatoes! They're still green at the moment {fried green tomatoes anyone?} but they'll be ruby red before I know it.

I'm loving this vegie gardening scenario {except perhaps for the weeding, best finish that off today and pop down some mulch}. Enjoy this beautiful sunday x


  1. ok I'm coming for dinner :) le xox

  2. You have a very healthy garden. I love it. Mimi x

  3. Nice. We are planning on veges gardens this year. We have the raised beds and 4 plants so far but no soil. That will be next weekends goal.

    I hope ours look healthy like yours.

  4. It's looking so full and happy. Is that corn I spy as well? Yummo! x

  5. Your garden looks great.

    My bloody chickens like to break in to my veggie patch and help thelselves.

  6. I loooove gardening. Last year we had a HUGE amount of tomatoes so we canned the sauce, nothing like marinara from fresh tomatoes!


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