Wednesday, November 02, 2011

just let me sleeeeeeep

This is a bit how I feel today. After a week's worth of jury duty, a busy social weekend and a pile of work so high, so teetering, so scary that it makes me want to cry... of course I got a migraine.

However, for once in my life my migraine arrived at a respectable 6pm so I was able to medicate, get myself to bed and sleep for around 15 hours. And I slept it off - hurrah. Today I've just got the dopey migraine hangover - a pain, but at least I can still work.

Should be back to normal blog posting tomorrow...


  1. This is what my bed looks like every morning, just add a few more cats and some pugs.

  2. I would die from the cuteness if there were a pug on my bed - especially your gorgeous babies!

  3. oh dear, migraines are terrible. Hoping you get your slumber soon. xoxox

  4. Hope you feel better soon, nothing worse! Take some me time if you can! x

  5. Oh, you poor thing! Migraines are the worst. I get them - though I'm taking a precription now and haven't had one in 2 years! It has changed my life.

    The migraine hang over is awful too. I hope you can get them sorted out because they are crap! Rest easy today xxx

  6. Oh no, poor you. Hope you get lots of sleep and feel better soon xxx

  7. Oh you poor thing :o( Migraines suck the big one! I dread when one of those comes on... especially if I'm out shopping or DRIVING... and it HAS happened :o/
    Good on you for getting a pretty solid sleep in there. 15 hours! Sounds dreamy. Hope the hazy feeling has passed by now xo

  8. Your cat is obviously concerned about you which is as it should be. So sorry you had a migraine. I've only had 2 in my whole life and remember them well. I only have vision disturbances which are a type of migraine without the pain so am very fortunate altho' they can leave you a little spaced out for a short while afterwards.
    I have never had to do jury duty for which I am very thankful as some of the decisions that have to be made must be just so difficult.
    Glad you recovered so well and let's hope no more bad heads for a long time to come. x


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