Tuesday, November 29, 2011

marriage equality

I am genuinely bemused by Julia Gillard's stance on equal marriage. I honestly don't see why she wouldn't want to take the brave step of being the Prime Minister who goes down in history as allowing all consenting adult Australians the right to marry. More than 60 per cent of the electorate agree that equal marriage rights is something we should have in Australia - that's more than a majority - and certainly a higher figure than the 'majority vote' that sees labor as the ruling party.

It's not like it's breaking with an age-old tradition. It was only in 2004 when the Howard government inserted the clause "Between a man and a woman" into the marriage act.

Why Julia? Why deny people in love the right to marry and express their commitment to each other? You've chosen not to marry which is excellent, and your right, but what of all those who would love the right to marry but it's just not theirs?

Next week the Labor party will be having a conscience vote on this issue. If you, like me, believe that this law needs to change you need to let your local federal MP know how you feel. I've already emailed my support to my local MP - one of the fabulous ones who's spoken up in parliament in favour of the amendment.

After watching Ides of March last night I was reminded of the sad fact that the vast majority of politicians don't allow their conscience to be their guide. They're guided by numbers. And votes. If they think that the majority of voters in their electorate feel strongly about a certain position - they'll vote for it - even if it goes against their own views.

Here's how to find your local MP and send them an email. Just a simple one: "Hi, I live in your electorate, I vote and I am in favour of marriage equality, kindest regards, A Voter." That'll do.  Go here to find your MP and let them know how you feel. Our Prime Minister's email's also on there if you'd like to double your influence. I've sent Julia Gillard an email expressing my views, and am hoping she'll take them into consideration.

Let's be the generation that just doesn't sit back and watch history march backwards. I believe in love. That's all. It's that simple.


  1. Great post, I will send an email next.
    Perhaps she just wants to be applauded for introducing lots of new taxes?

  2. I'm surprised by Julia too. At least Kevin has the apology to the stolen generation to be rightly proud of...what will Julia's social legacy be, if any I wonder?

  3. Thanks Vanessa, exactly!

    And Kerry, no idea? As a female leader even more conservative than Maggie Thatcher?

  4. Great post PPMJ. I hope that one day we look back and ask ourselves why we let this inequality go on for so long.

  5. I just cannot believe that she really is that conservative - I think she's having strings pulled and it makes me cranky.

  6. Tend to agree with Jenn.

    Come on, Julia. This can be your thing. And oh, what a thing it would be!

    And really, the Howard government inserted the "Between a man and a woman" bit? In 2004? Why am I surprised?

  7. if only life were that simple - vote your conscious dudes!! le xox

  8. Thanks. :)

    I don't mention it because it really isn't worth mentioning it on my blog, but my other half is female.

    It gives me goosebumps when people stand up for us for no other reason that it is the fair thing to do.


  9. Puppet.

    I am embarrassed to live in a country that is prejudice against its own citizens. x

  10. Aneets, my sentiments exactly.

    Jenn, that's what bugs me too - I just don't get it.

    Angie I know - so much for Julia's "Can't go against tradition. 7 years is hardly tradition!

    Le, if only it were...

    MTP, I got all teary reading your comment. Your beautiful wedding photos are just one of the many reasons why we all need to stand up. xx

    Maxabella, that's it, it's just embarrassing. x

    Thank you everyone for your lovely comments x

  11. Oh here here! On behalf of some of my friends, I have signed petitions and taken part in surveys, all in support of gay marriage... and my friends aside, I honestly believe in love too, that's a perfect way of looking at it actually. Who has the right to determine how people live their lives, when it comes to love and commitment. Particularly when a great deal of male/female marriages are farcical anyway.

  12. I found your website through a random stroke of luck. It helped me do my research on this topic. I have spent lots of time looking through your site. You have something good going here, keep it up!

  13. I feel so strongly about this and it is just SO FUCKING FRUSTRATING I COULD SCREAM.

  14. Thank you ROCKgirl, every one who help gets it out there takes it one step closer.

    Mama of 2 boys, I know, that's why it seems so silly that we haven't done it.

    Mrs Woog, me too. Me too. I nearly cried when I read Julia Gillard's tweet yesterday reiterating her stance - her stupid, stupid stance. x

  15. I had tears!!!!!!! What a post!
    I heart you Linda X

  16. Just the complete inhumanity of being able to say to a good portion of our society, "look, you can love whoever you like, that's ok, but it's not a real relationship because the person you're in love with is the wrong sex... nothing personal".

    Either you believe that people can love and marry whomever they want, or you believe that somehow that the love a man can feel for a man or a woman can feel for a woman is not really love. I have never heard an argument that can explain that to me.

  17. I am pleased to write that my four year old son has been invited to a birthday party of a boy who has two dads. And there is also a girl in his class with two mums. What do the kids say when they are told this? "Cool"! They think it's fantastic and quite frankly know no different.

    I plan on raising my children thinking that kids can have two dads, two mums, or just a mum, or just a dad, or just a gran, or pop, or a mum and dad, or whatever, you fill in the blank.

    Families consist of many things. Good blog and post, it's important to discuss these issues. And really, I don't understand what the hold up is all about.

  18. Belinda, I'm just flabbergasted that we even have to debate it.

    Jenn, exactly!

    Scribes Window, yep, kids get it don't they?


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