Friday, November 04, 2011

my peonies

So, had my eyes tested and yep, need glasses. Thought I'd never find anything I liked but I tried on three pairs I really liked {and about 30 I didn't} and am officially in love with one. The most expensive ones - naturally.

Afterwards we popped into the florist and bought a bunch of peonies - aren't they divine? Don't they look pretty against the pale green walls? Love.

Now all I need to make my friday complete is some champagne {currently chilling} and clean sheets {on line - ready to be made up}. Perfection.


  1. Oh! You had me at Peony, before I'd even opened the post. Aren't they just utter perfection? Add fresh sheets and bubbly (please tell me there's a book or a classic, sweet chick flick going with that) and you've got a perfect Friday night!

  2. Wow, what beautiful flowers. I first saw peonies in the botanical gardens in Queenstown, New Zealand, many years ago and fell in love with them. It is sad that our climate in Perth is too hot for them to grow here. As you can see I am now reading your blog so thanks for the tip.
    Specs? I have new ones being made....3 pairs would you believe? One for everyday, one for computer use and one especially for just reading. Fortunately I can use the 3 pairs of frames which are still quite nice but new lenses and the transitional lenses will set me back over $800. Still at my age I expect I won't ever have to have new specs.
    Sounds as though you are going to have quite an evening so all the best. Enjoy.

  3. Perfection, indeed. LOVE the soft pink petals against the pale green, classically beautiful. Glad you got your eyes sorted, I bet your glasses will look fab :o) xo

  4. Peonies, Champagne AND clean sheet day? That's the perfect trifecta!

  5. Those peonies are gorgeous. Such a pretty colour and yes, they look divine against the green wall and white mirror. I'm with you - fresh sheets and champers just top everything off! Happy weekend x

  6. and someone else to make the bed :) can't wait to see the frames - le xox


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