Monday, November 07, 2011

newcastle - moving forward

I love living where I do. Moving back from Sydney to Newcastle 10 years ago was one of the best decisions we've made. I still love Sydney, but oh, I adore Newcastle. Obviously our beaches are a primary attraction, but it's the people here that are making it so amazing. Next Saturday I'm off to TEDxNewy - an amazing event organised by one seriously inspirational woman - Siobhan Curran. I've never met Siobhan, but oh, I've admired her from afar. She's one of those people I love - one who gets an idea and doesn't say "Oh, somebody should do this" she does it. She started the fabulous blog The Novocastrian Files, and the delicious Cooking From The Heart and after attending TED last year applied for a licence and set up the independent series of talks at TEDx in newy - legend.

I applied for tickets and snaffled them up when I got the seal of approval - without knowing who was speaking. Now, after reading the list, I'm beyond excited. There's some speakers I know, such as Marcus Westbury who started This Is Not Art in Newcastle and then the extraordinary Renew Newcastle which has now spread to Renew Australia and is taking off globally. Legend. Some speakers I haven't heard of, so I can't wait to hear what they've got to say.

All the speakers are those who act. They don't wait for someone else to do it - they do it - and inspire others in their wake. I know I'm going to walk out of the Civic Playhouse inspired and energised - can't wait. So much talent in this town, it's extraordinary.


  1. Oh lucky you, I read about this in the paper and it looks very exciting. Take lots of notes as I'll be interested in your perspective on the day.

  2. It's a long time since I've lived in Newcastle but I was saying to my partner just know, Newcastle might be an option!

  3. Have also been following Siobhan...admire her greatly, love that she has embraced Newcastle. After living here for 30 years (but not born & bred) I like to think of myself as a Novocastrian. I love that we are a hidden gem, full of interesting people & beautiful places, with a more laid back lifestyle than other big cites, with good coffee, a thriving arts scene, great food & a community atmosphere. What more could you ask?
    Was keen for a TEDxNewy ticket, but 2 small children & a 7 day a week business & limited babysitters meant I have to catch-up from the sidelines.

  4. I love Newcastle. It reminds me of my home town of Wollongong. A little more laid back than the city life. Yet the city life is close enough to enjoy and is only just a drive away.
    Life is a beach, after all ;-)


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