Wednesday, November 30, 2011

oh christmas tree

My gal will squeal so loudy when she spies this. It's the Eloise Christmas Tree at the New York Plaza, unveiled by Betsey Johnson no less. I love that it looks like a pink fairy's exploded all over it. I do like a fabulously gaudy Christmas tree. Beautifully colour-coordinated trees are much like an all-white room, while I love looking at them, in real life, for me, they just don't cut it.

My gal and I decorated our tree on the weekend, sneakily early, but hey, it was the first day of Advent... Our tree is a green plastic one {wish is were pink and sparkly like my friend Sara Rose...} as I can't do real trees - they play havoc with my allergies and asthma. Ours is covered with decorations that all have a special meaning. Each year my gal gets a new ornament, and when she leaves home she'll have a big box of memories to take with her and start her own tree. There are home-made items, baubles that we've had since we first moved in together 17 years ago, and various bits and pieces added to over the years. I love a tree that's decorated with love - while Christmas tunes play in the background.

Ooh, speaking of Christmas tunes, there is an AWESOME cd out this year: Now Christmas 2011. It has 43 songs on it - including some classics and my all-time fave Christmas tune, "Christmas is the time to say I love you" by Billy Squier. I bought that single when I was a teen and played it over, and over again. Every Christmas I tried to buy the CD version, without luck, so I was stuck with playing it over and over again on YouTube. Can you imagine the squeal when I saw it was available on iTunes this year {it was massive, dogs in nearby suburbs covered their ears saying "Love, quit it with that high-pitched noise will ya...}

Is your tree up or are you saving it for this weekend?


  1. The tree is up and the halls are decked! x

  2. That's a lovely idea, the new ornament each year.

    My Grandpa used to have a "money tree". When I was little he would pin notes all over it and us grandkids would attack it. But eventually there were too many grand kids. :(

  3. This tree looks stunning to me! The decor is overdone but worth the effort. I'm sure the tree which you and your gal have decorated would be stunning as well.Christmas is close!
    Check this if you want -
    Which Ornament on Christmas Tree are you?
    Are you an angel or a star on the Christmas tree?

  4. tree up - mantle sorted :)le xox

  5. Oh yes a mish mash tree is perfectly lovely... it's how I've always known Christmas trees to be. I just can't seem to pull off the perfectly set look.
    Sounds like you're in full festive swing. I am HOPELESS, don't even know where to start :o/

  6. Snap, our tree went up on Sunday before we headed of to a school Advent service, with carols playing. We also pruchase a new decoration each year for the tree. My fav are the school made angels and trees.

  7. I love a Christmas tree covered in memory decorations. I have purchased or made something new for family members each year. my kidlets helped decorate this year, and at only 4 and nearly 3. ( he was due Christmas Day, but came a week early), they already talk about their ornaments, what they mean, and we had a geography lesson with the globe out when they asked where various other ornaments came from.
    Love that they have learnt new words, Nutcracker, Nativity in the last few weeks. Reminds me that we are our children's most important teachers, what a scary, but amazing responsibility!


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