Friday, November 04, 2011

pink peonies - woo hoo

My favourite flower is currently in season, and after the week I've had {which was preceded by last week's nightmare} I'm going to treat myself. This afternoon I'm finally off to get my eyes checked at the optomotrist {hurrah!} and right next door happens to be a florist. Yep, hang the expense, a pretty bunch of pink peonies will be popped into my amethyst Mason jar this afternoon.

ps: guess how excited I am about the possibility of glasses? Finally, after years of those teeny rectangular numbers being in fashion there are finally glasses that suit my round face. I do covet the pretty numbers Miss Tallulah Porkchop posted yesterday, but might satisfy myself with a black-framed pair of geek glasses.


  1. Oh these little pretties are divine. And good job that you're going to treat yourself to a bunch. You most certainly deserve them :o)
    Yes, I often wonder if I should be wearing a pair of specs nowadays, haven't had the eyes checked, but it would explain the odd headache I experience :o/

  2. I looooove peonys! My daughter had them in her wedding bouquet.

  3. my fav too - you go girl - and take a pic for all of us peony-less babes - le xox

  4. I did tell you mine aren't prescription lenses? Just for pretties. :)

    I get mine from

    I also reccomend:



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