Sunday, November 06, 2011

sunday suppers

Okey doke, busy again this week - with a few trips away from work. But I can't let my family fend for themselves {I know!} so here's what I'll be cooking.

Sunday: tonight we're having fish and roasted beetroot, leaves and persian fetta salad. I love the new fresh range of crumbed fresh barramundi fillets from Coles. Bought them a few weeks ago and simply popped them in the oven to cook. Tasty and stupidly simple.

Monday: I'm going to bake up spanish chicken, and following Nigella's lead by grating orange zest over the chicken, potato, onion and chorizo before baking. Yum. We'll eat it with rice and some more salad {hey, you saw our garden, we're eating lotsa salad}.

Tuesday: Okay, am flying to Melbourne at 6am, so my in-laws are coming to stay the night to help take the gal to school as my hubby also has a busy week. To reward them I'll leave behind a shephard's pie that I'll bake on monday. I'll be having dinner with my mum, step-dad and baby bro in Melbourne somewhere. Woo hoo.

Wednesday: I'm catching an 8pm flight back from Melbourne, might grab an early dinner in a laneway somewhere...

Thursday: I have a meeting in Sydney today, so I'll be home late. Hubby and the gal can prepare dinner for me I think. Spaghetti bolognaise is always a good-un for re-heating etc.

Friday: I have the mum's night out for school - so I'll be eating there. Gal and hubby can cook themselves up a bbq.

Saturday: I'm at TedXNewy all day {Can. Not. WAIT!} There will be takeaway for dinner tonight.

Sunday: Shall make up for my neglect with a lovely home-cooked roast.

PS: Have totally stolen a shot of my own kitchen for this post - from an ancient blog post. Need to get out there now and make it look this tidy again - after I bake a week's worth of school lunch tarts {potato and chorizo this week}


  1. As usual a very yummy sounding week. I'm sure uou will have lots of fun catching up wit family and friends. Enjoy the week ahead.

  2. Oh.My.God.
    This is my first visit to your blog and I open it to find the kitchen of my dreams.

    Will be back to drool over both menu planand kitchen.

    That doesn't sound creepy at all...right?

  3. Oh I love your organisation and the meals all sound fabulous. Hope you enjoy your hectic week and get some time in there to relax a little too :o) xo

  4. You're going to TedExNewy?!? Lucky duck!!! x??

  5. What a delicious week you have ahead! Yum!!


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