Friday, November 18, 2011

yes, you shall go to the ball

I'm a wee bit excited as tonight I'm off to a ball. Yep, frocking up, taking the Manolos from their box - foofing up my hair and dancing the night away with friends.

Good times.

I wish I were wearing a bunny mask like Candace Bergen at Truman Capote's infamous black and white ball {if I could time travel, I'd go there, and then stop by the Algonquin round table - and to check out Hemmingway in Paris - seriously, how sexy was that man in Midnight In Paris...}

Shall try to sneak off some shots - it's at Fort Scratchley in Newcastle, a place I've never been - but it should be M.A.G.N. I. F. I. C. E. N. T. Love a good location. I've spoken before about how the atmosphere when you first arrive at an event has to offer something special - and I'm pretty sure that tonight it will.


  1. Plssss take some pretty pictures tonight.

    If only you had seen my floral headpiece earlier, I would have posted it up for the occassion.

    Have a great night.


  2. sounds amazing, very jealous. Have heard a lot of good things about this venue, look forward to hearing what you think. x

  3. Sounds like you will have a fabulous time. Outfit pic please! xx

  4. Oooo how exciting! Hope your dancing the night away as I type this :o)
    And pleeeeease show us a pic of your dress... and your manolo's and your foofie hair. Love big night out pics xo

  5. Hope you have a driver :) le xox

  6. Oh how lovely for you. Many years ago when I was young we often went to a ball of some kind and I remember how exciting it was getting all dressed up and looking forward to the night with great anticipation. Of course we were single then and often went with a different beau but it was just so wonderful. Look forward to hearing all about it. xx


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