Monday, January 23, 2012

meal planning monday

Okay, last week of the school holidays - can you believe it? Eep! Okay, to take my mind off it - here's what we're eating this week:

Monday: We didn't manage to have steaks on the bbq on the weekend, so that's what we'll be having tonight. With salad greens.

Tuesday: Jamie's Salmon and Prawn bake was also a no-go last Friday night {we had takeaway fish&chips instead} so that's on the menu tonight.

Wednesday: We're off to our in-laws for the night.

Thursday: I spent a bit of time browsing through my many cookbooks on the weekend. Shall make Nigella's poached chicken with puy lentils tonight. My gal loves poached chicken and puy lentils so win-win there.

Friday: I think we need a duck night. Tonight shall be duck night.

Saturday: Out to dinner to celebrate our gal starting high school in a few short days!

Sunday: Seven hour leg of lamb with roasted veg.

You? What's on your mealplan?


  1. Melbourne is going to be hot hot hot this week so I was a smarty pants and did some freezer cooking late last week so this week looks like...
    Monday - spanish chicken and rice
    Tuesday - bolognaise and baked potatoes
    Wednesday - lamb burgers with feta and balsamic onions
    Thursday - Australia Day bbq at a friends house
    Friday - prawn linguine

  2. Every Monday I look forward to your meal plan...and every Monday I tell myself "I must do that". Maybe one day :)

  3. Looks good, raining and cooler up here on the coast so have adjusted the plan somewhat...
    Monday - enchilladas, beef and kidney bean
    Tues - fish,homemade chips salad or veg depends on weather
    Weds - Little Bit is cooking me a curry :0
    Thurs - Oz day probably bbq chicken snags and potato salad
    Fri - Night out, Sat & Sun just me so prob just cheese and bickies :)

  4. We'll probably do fish or veg tacos tonight. With my back out of commission, we've been very low commitment to cooking right now- easy-peasy has been our daily plan. Tomorrow, I do know I'll be putting together a nice split pea with ham hocks soup to stew in the slow cooker all day. All that needs is occasional stirring. After that, a pasta, perhaps a homemade pizza and a salad Easy peasy as this back of mine heals. MWAH! MISS AND LOVES YOU!


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