Tuesday, January 17, 2012

meal planning

Sorry, I got carried away with the Golden Globes yesterday and forgot to post this. Here's what we'll be eating this week:

Tonight: Spaghetti with homemade pesto. I have a stack of basil growing in the vegie garden, best use it up. I've also got some leftover chicken from last night's Chicken with 40 cloves of garlic, so I'll shred that up and toss it through too. Perhaps with a little crispy pancetta too.

Wednesday: The Divine Ms M is staying with us this week, and we're off to the movies tonight. So I'll make an early dinner of dukkah-crusted lamb fillet with a beetroot and feta salad.

Thursday: I'm off to a meeting in Sydney, so will have Mexican ingredients ready for my gal to whip up.

Friday: Jamie Oliver's salmon and prawn tray bake from his 30 minute meals is an essential. With salsa-verde potatoes and a spinach and mint salad. Yum.

Saturday: Steak and salad - bbq night.

Sunday: Roast. Last week we had pork belly, so it's probably time for chicken again do you think?

Ps: where's January going? My gal's due to start high school soon - eeek! We've got everything ready - uniform, shoes {yes - we finally found lace up shoes that weren't clunky and ugly. After 7 years of Mary Janes the girls have to wear lace-up shoes in high school - erk}

Enjoy your week - what's on your menu?


  1. Yum - sounds delicious. Might have to steal a few of your ideas :)

  2. friday nite is my pick sounds fab! as we are off on hols for the month of feb I get to delay school start till March ... bliss ! le xox

  3. Menu sounds totally yummo...and I know about the non Mary Janes even my year 4 girl had to get lace ups...not the same :(

  4. Oh PPMJ! Another mouth watering smorgasbord of meals, you never disappoint :o)
    I would have come back for seconds... and thirds... of tonight's meal, sounds divine!
    We had lasagne and that was pretty darn good too though... my specialty! ;o)
    WOW! High school, that is big time! Good luck with the lead up xo

    1. Mmmm, lasagne. And thanks - v excited about High School. x


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