Saturday, January 21, 2012

ooh, saturday? really?

I'm finding it very difficult to believe that it's Saturday night already. Seriously?

So to help give me some breathing space, thought I'd best jazz up my blog with some crimson fleurs. Couldn't you just imagine squealing with delight every time you entered such a fabulous conservatory?

{and ps: check out the pompoms on the cushions - cuteness incorporated!}


  1. super cute pom poms and crimson fleurs...def squealing material :)

  2. loving this - I am all for the pom pom - out darl purple ones on the cushion I did for darling boy in Oct ... long live the POM :) le xox

  3. Um, yes, this is just gorgeous incorporated! I am LOVING the red painted park bench, that is stunning :o) xo


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