Sunday, January 01, 2012

pink poodle in paris party

Okay, first step to success involves making Nigella's Red Velvet Cake. We doubled her Red Velvet Cupcake recipe from Kitchen and made a large rectangular cake {and by we I mean, my gal, she does love her baking!}

Next, we found the perfect poodle pattern on-line. This was the basis of my decorating.

Um, yes I did.

The finished product, complete with very french pink and cream stripes around the edges. And lotsa glittery stuff. And pink patent poodle shoes {smarties}. And licorice eyelashes!

The inside story. So yum!

Pink, black and cream themed streamers on the back veranda.

And helium balloons bobbing on the living room ceiling. {one for each gal to take home - and a few extras just in case of pops!}

In this neck of the woods no party's complete without a swim. And thankfully the weather put on a rather beautiful show for the day!

The girls played Pin The Bow on the Poodle with sometimes hilarious results {when Madame Poodle became Monseur} My very talented niece drew the most amazing poodle and these gorgeous glittery bows for all the girls. They ended up sticking the bows to the balloons to take home. Then we had French Trivia, with teams proving their french knowledge {captains were gals who'd been to France} and then some Wii Dance. Sustenance was next.

The food was either pink, or French-inspired. Look at these macarons I found at Woolworths!

Mini baguettes to butter and fill with ham and brie.

I found some pretty fairy dust in the cake aisle at Coles, so I had to make some fairy bread. They're off to high school next year so it may be my last chance. It was gobbled up in seconds, proving that really, you're never too old for fairy bread {a piece may have dived in my mouth too}.

Pretty and nutritious.

Washed down with pink grapefruit, sparkling water, and iced water.

Then it was presents and party bags before home time. And that's it. A great party for my gorgeous gal. 12 friends, two and a half hours and lots of giggles. What more could you ask for?


  1. Wow what a pretty and imaginative party theme, I've never seen it before, what a lucky gal your daughter is to have such a creative Mum! Well done!

  2. What a beautiful party you clever lady xxxx

  3. How perfectly lovely! Makes me wish my boys where girls....
    I really love that poodle cake, maybe I can make it for MY next birthday? I'm not too old for fairy bread!

  4. It all looks gorgeous! I might have to borrow this theme for one of my own birthday parties! xx

  5. Just brilliant...well done! And Nigella couldn't fail to be impressed :)

  6. Bless! That is one gorgeous looking party! xx

  7. Bless! That is one gorgeous looking party! xx

  8. Tres chic! What a sweetly perfect party, PPMJ! Your gal is darling in her floral Martha apron (darling, as ever).

    Happy new year to you all! 2011 will be hard one to top for you (Paris, anyone?), but I think you'll get there. I'll be here to enjoy it all. I don't think I've missed a post all last year! x

  9. well done !! clever girls :) esp love the wafer bicies around the edge of the cake... esp the vanilla ones with checkers out and the pink with the diamond pattern out - A+ for attention to detail - best le xox

  10. You're a marvel PPMJ! The poodle party looked perfect and such a wonderfully original idea. That cake looks AMAZING and so yummo too! I think you can sit back, give yourself a pat on the back and knock back a champa's or two after that effort :o) xo

  11. Now I want a pink poodle party too! Wah! (I'm 37)

  12. What a gorgeous party! I love the pink poodle Paris party theme. Reminds me of the assistant in Mr Poppers Penguins;)

    Nigella would be more than proud!! x

  13. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! More Nigella tweets to follow for sure! And yes, me too... I want a pink paris poodle party! Happy new year! Alison : )
    (ps. i love your pool. i have a severe case of pool envy now!)

  14. Happy belated birthday wishes to your gal. How wonderful that you cook and decorated her cake together. The party look like heaps of fun. Well done Mum xxx

  15. What a lucky girl Miss 12 is - to have such a thoughtful, giving Mumma. But what a great helper she is too. My Miss 4 loves to help make her birthday cake, although she is terrified of dogs, so I think no poodle cake for her.
    Wishing your family a wonderful 2012, full of love, lovely food, adventure & laughter.

  16. That looks like an amazing day. Poodles and pink, just gorgeous!

  17. I'm so impressed by that cake (and anything Nigella is 'don't think about it' delicious!

    The party looked like a hoot, and I can see your girl had the time of her life.

    Best mum award coming your way, methinks! xx

  18. What a tres chic party you created there! I love it. And this here is what I know I'll miss about having two sons. x

  19. Superb pink poodle pink party. Really loved everything and cake is adorable too. You really put great efforts to make this party turn out best. I really appreciate your work. Planning to throw my nephew a birthday party at Venues in San Francisco and would love to have this poodle theme for it. Going to take ideas from your post.


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