Tuesday, February 28, 2012

everything's better with a cape

Actually, the title of this post could technically be a lie as this dress was even more smokin' on stage without the cape - but damn, how cool would life be wearing a cape like this every day?

Whether you're living out superhero fantasies or princess dreams, cape are certainly the ideal accoutrement. Can't believe I neglected to post this yesterday. I broke into spontaneous applause when I saw it yesterday {alone, on the couch - hey, you'd do it too} and I tweeted joyously about it - but blog? I did not.

So here, I give you the cape, the frock, Tom Ford and Gwyneth - officially a match made in some kind of delicious sartorial heaven.

ps: check out the face of lady in the background with black bottom, sparkly silver top. Yep.


  1. Oh Gwyneth, so ridiculously elegant. I thought she looked simply gorgeous also. Just where do you wear a cape in every day life though!? I'm sure I'd just look a little weird if I tried to xo

  2. She looked amazing! Loved her style. How could you not look great in Tom Ford though. x


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