Tuesday, February 07, 2012

day 7: say how much you love

So, it's day seven of the Love 29 Days, 29 Ways challenge. Today's challenge is Say how much you love. Sound easy doesn't it? But, like all things, the simplest things can be the toughest.

How often do you really take the time to tell people how much you appreciate them? How much they mean to you? How much you love them? Chances are, like me, you think you do it more often than you actually do it.

And how nice is it to feel loved and appreciated? Damned nice.

So today it's time for me to step up and express myself. Love is all you need.

Cute card from here.


  1. Do you know how much I love you, PPMJ? A lot! The support, kindness and compassion you've given me the past few months has meant the world to me. So loving you loud and proud today, my friend. xxx

  2. Am a great believer in telling people that you love them, and are proud of them, how much you mean to them. Every night as I tuck my kidlets in I say "Goodnight, God Bless, I Love You" and they say it back. It sounds hokey, but I mean it, and they now know what it means & they say it back with meaning....including a tight squeeze around the neck.

    I say "I love you" to hubby at least twice a day & every time I see or talk to my mum I tell her too. It's special to say it to my darling sisters & my sweetheart brother. We don't say it every time we talk, but we do tell one another what we think of each other, and we know that we genuinely like & love one another.

    It is important, one day these people will be gone, or I will be gone, and those memories will be such a comfort.

    Bit soppy, sorry....lot going on in our lives at the moment.....

    1. Be as soppy as you like, that's just lovely. And great big hugs to you xxx


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