Friday, February 10, 2012

dita von teese for target

Why yes, I may have startled the staff at my local Target when I squealed and applauded upon seeing the gorgeous Dita decking out the store.


So much prettiness to choose from - and our local store only had limited stock - which is fine, I just wanted a set.

And this was my set - pretty blue and black. So gorgeous.

My dodgy shots don't really show the finer details, but these are beautifully constructed with the eye for detail you'd expect from Ms Von Teese. So reasonably priced too - this beautiful bra is only $39.99. I love the sizing too. They're pretty true to size, I grabbed my size straight off and this set fitted beautifully. The leopard print not so much, I would have had to go up a size - but I didn't want to redress and go find it.

Run, quickly to your nearest Target store. Unless Miss Tallulah Porkchop's got in before you.


  1. I'm in the leopard print set as we speak. So not comfy - but that's the point!!


  2. Oh THANK YOU! I hadn't been watching Target very closely lately! Must get there, stat! After all, a husband's birthday IS coming up! ;)

  3. heavens how fab - can't wait to see on my return to bris - no target in nz le xox


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