Thursday, February 09, 2012

here comes the sun

There is sunshine here today. Boy, do I love the sunshine after a few days of rain. It warms my heart. I couldn't find my camera to take a photo of the sun here, so I thought I'd share a pic from Provence {it's always a good time for pics of Provence}. This here's the Gorges de Verdun. So stunning. Quite possibly the most naturally beautiful thing I've ever seen. That verdant green water - stunning. Swimming in it? Sublime. Meandering around on a paddle boat? Fabulous.

Speaking of fabulous, we had netball grading yesterday and I got to catch up with my lovely girls. Bless. And so many lovely mums over the years, including one who reads my blog {*waves*}. She had the loveliest things to say, which really made my heart sing. As you've probably guessed by now, I'm a pretty happy and optimistic person, so if I get a chance to make just one person happier, then I'm happier.


  1. Your picture made me happy...for alas, there's no sun here in Canberra :(

  2. New to your blog, Thanks for bringing sunsine into my day. We have sun here, but it's hot and dry with no sign of water like that, so that pic makes me feel nice and cool.

  3. Gorgeous PPMJ, just gorgeous. I would like to go... NOW! :o) xo


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