Monday, February 13, 2012

meal-planning monday

I've stocked up on my essentials now. Phew. So those pretty storage jars above are now filled with the requisite sugar, flour, coffee, pasta and tea. I feel better now. I also feel organised and ready for the week ahead. Here's what's happening:

Monday: my gal's home sick from school today. Poor little floss. I've got some chicken breast in the fridge, so I think I'll make chicken pies for dinner.

Tuesday: I know it's valentines day, but really, we don't do anything soppy to celebrate. Instead, we're having hubby's parents over for a sleepover. They've got a busy couple of days in Newcastle this week, so to save them driving back and forth I thought they should spend a night here in the guest room. I'll make shepherd's pie for dinner - easy, and it's my father-in-law's fave.

Wednesday: I bought some lemongrass and chilli prawns from Aussie Farmers this week. We'll have them with some asian greens and ramen noodles for dinner tonight.

Thursday: Ballet's back {well, officially it's back on Tuesday - but that was a busy day to describe} so we'll have pork sausages {again from Aussie Farmers} with mash, peas and crushed carrots.

Friday: I have a photo exhibition opening to attend {oooh la la}. One of the speakers from TEDxNewy, Conor Ashleigh, has an exhibition opening at the library and I'm keen to check out his work. He's a young lad who's intensely inspirational with a beautiful eye and a desire to tell stories that normally remain untold. Can't wait. We'll have homemade pizza either before, or after. I need to check twitter for opening times.

Saturday: I didn't get around to a bbq last weekend, so I'll do it this weekend. Steaks, bernaise, salad.

Sunday: We had a red wine and pepper marinated beef roast last week. This week it's back to roast chicken I think.


  1. Lovin the sound of the prawns!! Glad your pantry is stocked again, we have had storms again last two evenings...freaky but have avoided hail at my house :)

  2. Oh I love your meal planning posts PPMJ, they both inspire me and put me to shame a little... you come up with the nicest combos. You are such a lovely daughter-in-law too, I bet it is most appreciated. Hope your little lady is all better soon :o) xo

  3. Yum, yum, yum!
    Inspired me to do some chicken pies this week!


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