Monday, February 27, 2012

meal planning monday

Okay, well, the gal's room is painted! Yep, two coats on the ceiling and cornices, two undercoats to hide the deep pink walls and then two coats of pretty pale blue {not too dissimilar to the chairs in this pic actually...} Now we've just got the tough bit - moving everything back in. Eek. We just moved all the heavy furniture to the middle of the room, and last night we pushed that back, but now we've got the whole bring everything else back in. Eep. At least it's looking pretty. Pics to come when complete.

This week here's the plan:
Monday: Something light. Like a maniac I cooked up beef bourgignon last night for dinner, as you do when you've been painting all weekend. Eedjit. So, tonight it's salmon on the bbq and salad.

Tuesday: There's a year 7 info night at our gal's school, and we both want to attend, so I'm asking my in-laws down to look after the gal while we go. Sure, she's probably old enough to stay on her own, but it'll be dark, let's not ask her to do that. For dinner? It'll be early, so something easy. Perhaps steak and salad.

Wednesday: Netball fitness training for my gal and her team. She'll be a hungry hippo afterwards. Best do her some pasta. Perhaps chicken bolognaise.

Thursday: Ballet - late. Caramelised pork loin, wilted asian greens and ramen noodles. Mmmmm.

Friday: Fish and chips, or thai takeaway, I'm going to be tired. I just know it.

Saturday: My mum and step-dad fly in from Melbourne for 10 days - yay! I'll make some roasted pumpkin and goat cheese quesadillas. {and chicken and cheese ones for my pumpkin-loathing child}

Sunday: Big bbq, with lots of roasted veggies for my vegetarian parents. And haloumi. Mmmmmm.


  1. Yes I like this colour blue, very pretty. x

  2. As always, delicious sounding meals. You are such a beautiful Mama, your gal is a lucky daughter xo


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