Wednesday, February 01, 2012

meal planning, um, wednesday

I've been absent haven't I? Seriously absent - sorry about that. The gal's first day of high school {massive success - she loves it and I'm sure will thrive: and she got French as a subject - bon!}, a work meeting yesterday in Sydney and just stuff have all combined to make me remiss.

My apologies.

OOoooooh, guess what? I've got a new fridge! A super-dooper, stainless steel, two door with water and ice-making piece of magnificence. I LOVE IT. We need a bigger fridge because of meal planning. If I did the French shop and cook day-by-day thing I could have had the Smeg of my dreams, but I need the space. AS-IF I could have a shelf of duck fat in a Smeg!

Anywhoodle, here's what we're eating for the remainder of the week:
Tonight: hmmmm, it's cold, it's rainy, it's my gal's third day of high school... beef bourginon avec greens and roasted potatoes.
Thursday: I have to go help out at netball registration so it's a late dinner. Chicken schnitzel perhaps with a salad.
Friday: We're off to the Art Gallery for Masterpieces, MadMen and Martinis {hello!}. We're frockin' up a la Joan Hollaway and suiting up like Don Draper to sip martinis and nibble on 60s style canapes. There shall be a need for real sustenance afterwoods. Might convince the posse to converge on a pub - is The Oriental ready for such an oddly-dressed group? {It sure was back in my Uni days...}
Saturday: I need to do a leg of lamb on the bbq. Please allow the weather to actually be summery.
Sunday: Roast something or other from the Farmers Markets. Mmmmm.

And that's it. Sorry, it's a short week. We had spaghetti bolognaise last night cooked by hubby as I didn't get home till late. Monday was a quickie of burritos. So, what's on your plates this week?


  1. Very happy to hear that high school is off to a flying start. How brilliant! x

  2. Yes, great news about High School being a success! Long may it continue.

  3. Welcome back, glad the transition to high school has gone smoothly. Not sure what we will be having for dinner this week, but with all this rain I feel like something hearty .xx

  4. Oh how fantastic your lovely girl rocked her first day of high school, fabulous for all of you :o)
    Look at you going to a fancy cocktail party on Friday, that sounds positively divine, Enjoy!
    As always, you're a meal planning marvel, thanks for sharing PPMJ xo

  5. Hi, it's us again, just letting you know that we have tagged you in a game of tag. It’s just a bit of fun to learn more about you, please don’t feel obligated to play.


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