Thursday, February 02, 2012

sharing the love ♥

Here's a little something that I'm doing over at my day job this month. I edit a pregnancy website, and, as pregnancy is such a special time  - thought we'd celebrate the month of february by making it all about love.

It started off yesterday with me sharing something I love. It's teeny, but it's fabulous. Ready? Clean sheet day. Yep, I do love clean sheet day with a passion.

Today, I showed someone I love. Wanna see?

Aww, it's me and my hubby 18 years ago. It's a black and white shot that's been instagramed, but you can kinda see the purple streaks in my hair {only thing that's changed about my hair in 20 years...} And look at my hubby's hair - bless. We looked like negative-image twins back in the day.

Tomorrow is be someone you love. I need that. Things have been a bit stressful of late. Need to chill and remind myself to be good to myself.

As for number 6, love your bump... well, it's been a while. Instead I'll just change it to love your bod - who couldn't do with a bit of body love?

Do you want to join in? You can share pics, comments, blog posts, tweets {#Love29Days} - or just do it. It's all about sharing the love - what's not to love about that?


  1. Aw, that's so sweet! You and the husbie are adorable. I think I like your purple streaks (if I squint really hard I can just about see them!) Enjoy tomorrow! x

  2. Replies
    1. I know, and hubby even more so as he's five years younger than me.

  3. Oh my! That hair of your hubs! I would never have recognised him! I love the idea. x

    1. I know, I've got a pic of him with Miss A when she was born, it was waist-length!

  4. Sweet pic :) love the list!

  5. Love this! I'm in. And, yes, be kind to yourself. I hope the stress vanishes soon. x

  6. Love this. Don't know if I can commit to whole month, like you the stress levels at the moment are high & ability to cope lower than usual....but we'll get there.

  7. Gorgeous...and that pic of the two of you just beautiful. Off to take a peek at the rest of your list.



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