Friday, March 16, 2012

flowers for friday

I know I normally go for pastel and pretty, but when I saw these fleurs on a tweet from Leona Edmiston this morning, well, c'mon - who could resist? Aren't they magnificent! They remind me of the fabulous glitter roses I found in Tesco last year - roses are already so lush - I don't mind if they pump up the volume on the odd occasion. 

So, it's Friday hey? Wow. Where'd the week go? I had a fun night last night at the book launch for Two Feet Forward {blog post to come} at the ever-fabulous Greg & Audrey's Garage. So inspiring. Afterwards I caught up with two friends I haven't seen in forever over champagne and nibbles at Bar Petite - so fun.

We have little planned over the weekend - just lots of painting! And I'm taking to the gal to the local show for a squizz. We'll finish up our weekend with a duck and champagne night at our friends  {what? too much champagne? no such thing!}

Enjoy your day, hope you get to sprinkle a bit of technicolour wherever you go. 


  1. Duck & champagne? That's heaven wrapped up in two words!

    Have a wonderful weekend. x

  2. Are they RAINBOW roses? What magic is this?!

  3. Bought roses for a dear friend this morning, let Miss 4 pick the colour, she went with hot pink! They looked beautiful!

  4. Wow! Such beautiful flowers :o)

  5. Those roses are divine, they actually look edible, or is that just me seeing rainbow flavoured icecream every where I look!? xo


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