Monday, March 19, 2012

meal planning monday

Can't believe it's already the start of another week, another busy week... Here's what's happening and what we're eating:

Monday: I have some salmon that I couldn't be bothered cooking on Friday night. So we shall be eating it tonight. With a nice rocket and lemon salad.

Tuesday: Big ballet day for my gal. I'll make mexican for her - chicken burritos perhaps. With a fresh-corn salsa.

Wednesday: My gal's first official day of netball training. She'll be starvational afterwards. Best make Nigella's carbonara don't you think?

Thursday: I am off meeting a new pal for an $11 steak at a pub overseas {well, over river really - at Stockton}. Best leave hubby and gal some steak to cook up or they'll be jealous at missing out.

Friday: I'm off to celebrate a friend's birthday at Merewether Surf House. Might whip up a pizza first - always best to prepare for drinkies with pizza.

Saturday: My gal's a big fan of anything slow cooked with a wine sauce - if the weather's chilly I'll go for a beef in red wine casserole. Warmer days might call for chicken with 40 cloves of garlic.

Sunday: We went to a friends' for duck and champagne last sunday night so missed the lamb roast. I'll make it this week to make up.

What's on the menu in your neck of the woods?


  1. As always sounds great!
    At ours:
    Mon: Spaghetti & Mozarella Meatballs (carb load my wee girl before her last Little Athletics for the year)
    Tue: Home-made pizza (it's my long work day, these take no time)
    Wed: Veal Olivia (veal with bacon, cheese & baby spinach on a bed of mash...mmmm)
    Thu: Extra long day today - I think we will need Phat Monk Thai!
    Fri: Whatever looks great at the Fish co-op, with salad & potato bake.
    Sat: Hubby's turn...surprise
    Sun: Roast - will see what takes my fancy at Seller's butchers.

    That's us - I'm glad you meal plan & share - you've inspired me to attempt the plan. Of course, we end up off track at least once a week, either something comes up, or some amazing produce comes into our store & I have to "test" it!

  2. Your meals always sounds so delectable. Why not share your meals with us so we can see for ourselves?

    Yes, I've been a Wannabe Peeping Tom for quite some time now...


  3. I wish I had just a pinch of your meal planning epic fail

  4. slow cooking is what i'm all about this week! do you follow a recipe for your chicken with 40 garlic cloves? because it sounds amazing!
    i've just bought myself a slow cooker and it is going to cop an absolute hiding this week :D

  5. Sounds like a great plan this week PPMJ, love that you're having a couple of nights out amongst it all and it's so sweet you still organising dinner for your fam anyway xo

  6. love love love this image so happy and colourful - loving the salmon ....


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