Monday, March 26, 2012

meal planning monday

Sorry I'm late, again. Goodness, where is time going? Busy week again, here's what's on the menu:

Tonight I was toired. So we had Mucho Nacho takeaway nachos. They were fine, not great, but fine.

Tuesday: I shall be at Duran Duran (hurrah) so hubby and daughter are possibly fending for themselves, or possibly not. My gal came home sick today and may not be recovered tomorrow. And hubby has a day of meetings, so my in-laws {bless them} may be coming down to help look after poor poorly miss.

Wednesday: I shall be out. Again. At a cocktail party for bloggers. I know, don't hate me. It's for work.

Thursday: Home again, finally. Best make salmon patties for my gal to make up for being away.

Friday: Goodness, I'm going out again. With my fab friend A to a French film. Shall have an early dinner of steak and salad I'd imagine.

Saturday: Um, going out. Again. With my husband this time to a fab friend's 40th.

Sunday: Hmmm, would you believe me if I said I'm going out again? Not sure really as I've tried to make a reservation at Subo for dinner for hubby and two of our fave friends. Will we get a reservation? We shall see...

Goodness, that is a big week isn't it. Think I'll need a bex and a lie down...


  1. Sounds like a lovely , although busy week. Enjoy!

  2. but at least your nail polish will last longer with no dishes :) le xox

    1. Le - it did! I put a blue sparkly number over the lilac polish from Wednesday and it was still perfect!

  3. Oh my, look at you the social butterfly! Good on you PPMJ, sounds like a great week ahead. Duran Duran! Now that is pretty cool, good ol' Simon Le Bon, I bet he can still strut it with the best of them. Ooo love me a French film, I saw one with a friend on Saturday night. Elles, it was raunchy to say the least, but so well acted and quite thought provoking, as they tend to be. There is something just nice about having a few glasses of bubbly and catching a foreign flick with a friend. Enjoy! xo

    1. Simon rocked so well that I may have fell a teeny bit in love with him again - he was magnificent. The French film was fab, weird ending, but I enjoyed it - the great company helped! x

  4. Woosh. I'm exhausted just reading about your butterfly week :)

    Mon: Roast Pumpkin & Sweet Potato soup....Made a big pot of vege stock & a big pot of soup, might get us through a few days.
    Wed: Cheesy Beef Meatballs, with spaghetti & homemade passata, again a double load to get us through a few days.
    Fri: Whatever looks good at the co-op..we had very nice Red Gurnard last week, with a lime & black pepper sauce & crispy salad.
    Sat: Off to sister - home-made vege pizza to feed the hordes of kidlets & grown-up too.
    Sun: Thinking of trying confit've inspired me.

    Have a great week!

    THat's us

    1. Yum - how good does your week sound - particularly that Red Gurnard. I need to find a nice whole fish to bake in a salt crust soon...


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