Friday, March 23, 2012

oh provence

Sometimes, when things are stressed and frantic I like to stop and take a little holiday in my mind. Want to come with me? 
Today we're going to L'ilse sur la Sourgue in Provence. Well, why wouldn't you? See that sky? That's the exact shade at around 9.30pm. Isn't it just exquisite? No wonder so many artists were drawn to Provence, the colours are just like nothing you've ever seen. And look at all those restaurants - so fabulous. Also the scene of our cheapest and one of the best meals in provence - seventeen euros for three courses. I know - craziness isn't it? The French really know how to eat.

I think I need to go back again. For real.


  1. I'm right there with you PPMJ! Oh my word I am! x

  2. Please pack me in your suitcase. I really want to be there right now!

  3. yep, weekend trip? for real :D
    2012 is paris year for me i think!


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