Sunday, March 18, 2012

sweet sunday

Hi, how's your weekend treating you? Mine? Great, thank you. Yesterday my gal went off with some pals to the local shopping centre {hello teenager-hood} so hubby and I got stuck into putting stuff into our new cupboards - we're nearly there...

Today it's gloriously sunny so I'm catching up on the washing. While my mum was here I didn't have to wash a thing as it's one of her fave things to do. So I was a little bit shocked at the state of our dirty clothes baskets {I had done towels two days ago - and clean sheet day isn't until tomorrow...} So one load's drying in the breeze and sunshine, and another's cleaning as we speak. Joy.

Tonight we're off to our friends for duck and champagne night. Normally whoever is the guest buys a dessert, but I had some pears I wanted to use so I'm 'cheating' and baking a pear and almond tart. The pastry's chilling in the fridge, and all I have to do is poach the pears and make an almond paste with almond meal and a few other bits and pieces and bake it. Tres Francais non?

Now, do you just love this window seat above? Every now and again I ponder one of these in the bay window in our bedroom. At the moment we have a 1920s french bistro setting there {tres jolie} but it tends to accumulate 'stuff'. I'm going to get in there now and clean it off and see how I go. Might also give the windows a bit of a polish when the sun goes away a little. Oooh, and pop some champagne in the fridge to take tonight. I'm thinking it's a Pommery kind of evening don't you?


  1. I just a weekend full of achievements such as yours, even if it is a bit of organising and cleaning. x

  2. I think your homemade apple and almond tart would taste so much better than something bought. Whoever heard of making something be cheating?? LOL

    Love that window seat!

  3. Woops! It was pear but I so thought I read apple!!

  4. the dessert sounds tonnes better than a bought something :) i am reading a book you would love at the moment ... why french children don't throw food ... its a fab insight to the world of parenting in paris - see if you can find it when you have a moment - best le xox

  5. Oh how I would LOVE a window seat, they are so pretty and yet comfy at the same time. A day bed and a hammock are also high on my list as a 'one day' thing. Your pear and almond tart sounds delicious, my mouth is actually watering a little xo


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