Saturday, April 07, 2012

do you freecycle?

I am a big fan of Freecycle. We joined a few years ago when a charity rejected a two year old mattress with a coffee stain on it {not whinging, that's their policy - but I didn't want to waste it}. Over the years we've rehoused our old trampolene, old bikes, a lounge - loads of stuff. It gives me the happies seeing things not going to landfill but going to a home where people genuinely want and need an object and would prefer to reuse rather than buy new.

The other day we were tidying away and I found my husband's old bike seat. Almost brand new, he just needed something snazzier for the 100k rides he does. Then, not two days later a call comes across Freecycle asking if anyone had a spare bike seat. Bingo. We have a match.

It's surprising seeing what some people put on there - and what people take. We had a stack of old photo library books that I kept forgetting to take to my daughter's school - but I knew they'd be great for some kind of scrapbooking. Sure enough a counseller who works in welfare was so grateful for them as she'd ask clients to create memory books as therapy.

Everything's got a use somewhere doesn't it?


  1. Yes. We even got a freecycled dog. I refuse to pay such silly prices for a pet when so many get left unwanted. We put a note on a pet website and within a week a family FLEW their lovely dog to us.

    St Kilda Mums is also doing amazing things and collecting stuff from tips and hard rubbish. So much goes to waste that charities can't/wont take.

  2. You know what? I haven't, but I really should! You have spurred me on.

  3. This is th first time I've heard of free cycle - will be looking into it as we often have big clearouts and stuff ends up at the tip or unsold on eBay. Thanks PPMJ

  4. is this an organised thing ... we have used gum tree - free ads - to move stuff that still has life - like you I love to see things re used, re purposed and loved :) le xox

  5. I had heard of it but hadn't joined...thanks to you I'm now a member! Have a bunch of stuff to put up in the next few weeks, much better than just dumping it out at council clean up!!
    Thanks for dropping was fab, photos will be posted:)


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