Friday, April 27, 2012

flowers for friday

We're in crazy cleaning mode in this neck of the woods. Next week a photographer's coming to shoot our house for the local weekend paper insert. Eep. Need to get it ready for its close up. So far the butler's pantry is ready... Guess what we're doing this weekend? Hubby's on outdoor duties, I'm on interior.

There shall be LOTS of flowers around the house. When in doubt, pop some flowers there.

Wish me luck. Lots of it.


  1. Oooowweee how exciting, a photo shoot at your house! Have fun doing the cleaning - yeah like that can ever be fun ; ) ! Hope we get a sneak peak at the pics.

  2. Have fun & Good Luck, look forward to seeing the end result!

    My worst nightmare!

    When we get the outside looking good, the inside is like a tip & vice-versa. 2 small people certainly don't help the situation, wee man especially likes to untidy as soon as something is clean & tidied.....just keep telling myself they are only young once & to enjoy it....& not worry about the house!

  3. Exciting! Flowers make EVERYTHING better. Good luck x

  4. I just love hanging vases too much! x

  5. A photo shoot? How cool would that be. Actually I doubt that would ever happen gor us. But that's okay. I wouldn't have make everything gorgeous. I hope you weekend cleaning oes well. I always imagine your house as beautiful.
    I'm sure the flowers will add a finishing touch.

  6. Now that sounds exciting, I do hope we get to see a sneak peek of the photos.
    Oh yes, flowers are always the ticket. I remember when we were selling our place a few years back, we had flowers in every room... it was stunning! Good luck with the cleaning PPMJ xo

  7. ooh best of luck!!
    how exciting!


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