Sunday, April 08, 2012

happy easter

Why hello there. Don't you think I shouldn't work more often - look at how often I'm posting!

I was thrilled to spot this wee fuzzy bunny I photographed at Frankie's Place when going through my photos yesterday, he'd do excellent chameleon hiding while distributing easter eggs on the lawn don't you think?

How's your easter weekend going? Can you believe we've still got all of today AND all of tomorrow off? Working full time really makes you appreciate public holidays with a passion.

Hubby's been struck down with a cold so he'll be resting today, but my gal has a friend coming over later today for a sleepover. I'm cooking a slow roasted shoulder of lamb for dinner - and tomorrow we're off to see The Lorax. Hope they've done Seuss justice this time, even just a little bit.

Best go cook up some bacon and eggs - happy easter.


  1. Happy Easter .. I was interested to learn that most professional working mums in France - with younger kids - only work four days all the time ... they have Wednesday off ... I think we should champion this scheme here in Aust :) le xox

  2. Happy Easter! I hope Mr PPMJ feels better soon. I hope you have a lovely day.


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