Thursday, April 05, 2012

happy fake friday

A friend of mine introduced me to the term Fake Friday today and I like it. I like it a lot. Do you have any idea how much I am looking forward to this long, long weekend? So very much.

I did that job yesterday that scared me so. Pretty well according to an expert so that makes me happy. I wrote some scripts for some videos we're shooting next week - and once that shoot wraps next wednesday night I will be very happy indeed. So happy that I may require a wee champagne fountain in vintage bowls. And macarons. And this pretty pink ombre frock. Oh, and a wrist corsage - seriously, don't you think the world would be a better place with more wrist corsages?

After work today I am off to a friends for some champagne to celebrate the fact that we survived the first semester of High School. It's been a learning experience - for us and our gal. She's done exceptionally well bless her lil socks. I couldn't possibly be prouder of her or love her more. She deserves a pink ombre frock - and a wrist corsage - she would totes rock a wrist corsage.

Happy fake friday my lovelies and hope the easter bunny brings you some delish treats x


  1. Thank you PPMJ, have a lovely long weekend and happy Easter to you and your family. xT

  2. Yay for Fake Friday.

    *raises glass* Great work re your job, yesterday.


  3. well done you ! onwards and upwards - best le xox

  4. Good for you. So nice when these scary jobs are behind us. So glad your gal is enjoying and coping well with high school. That is certainly something to celebrate with champagne. Happy Easter to you xx


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