Friday, April 06, 2012

happy friday

Happy Good Friday everyone. What have you planned for today? I had a nice sleep-in as I had the house to myself last night {!} Yep, got back from my friend's house after some champagne and giggles, cooked myself up some chicken dumplings and finally watched A Single Man. As you'd expect from something directed by Tom Ford it was insanely beautiful. Colin Firth in a Tom Ford suit is something I'd be quite happy to watch for hours on end.

Today I'll be pottering around until my hubby and gal get back from my in-laws. It's such a glorious day today that I'm going to INSIST on a family bike ride. There might also be some baking don't you think? I need to make those bunny biscuits {I have the cutters} and just need teeny white marshmallows for the tails! Cuteness.

Have a beautiful day - and enjoy this extra long weekend. x


  1. Sounds like a lovely day you had planned, hope it all unfolded nicely. We have been doing plenty of pottering too... oh and making some Easter choccies, Mmmmm! Happy Easter PPMJ, enjoy! xo

  2. How AWESOME is A Single Man? *swoons*

    Today" dog walk on beach, four hour nap, culled a lot of stuff from linen closet, walked the dogs on the beach again, eggs and tinned spaghetti on toast for dinner. Later: watch a Marilyn film (haven't decided which, yet) and some low fat icecream. Heavely day.

    Happy Easter. Current chocolate and hot corss bun count - zero. *polishes halo*


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