Wednesday, April 04, 2012

just dive in

I'm currently in the midst of doing something I've never done before and it's challenging me. It's not huge, or amazing, just something for work that's making me step out of my comfort zone. But it's enough to make that dizzying fear keep rising from my stomach, so I have to tamp it down.

Working remotely from home has so many benefits, but the one thing it lacks is being able to lean over to a colleague at the next desk and say "Hey, do you think this is okay?" Luckily I have a Skype meeting this morning with an expert in the field, so he should be able to guide me. I'm sure it'll be fine - but it's kind of like the first time I've ever written for a new publication times 1000.

To get me through I'm channelling a TEDxNewy talk from Gerry Bobsien about the joy, challenge and terror of being a novice - that's going to pump me up. Go check her out - she's bloody inspiring.


  1. Good luck and trust yourself. You wouldn't have got the gig if you weren't up to it.


  2. Oh diving in is dizzying but also refreshing for the mind and soul....good luck :)


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