Monday, April 02, 2012

meal planning monday

After last week's crazy socialising and shenanigans, this week's on a bit of a go-slow. I need to chill, do some cooking, and say more than three words to my family. Here's what we're eating:

Monday: we're off to the library after school as my gal has homework that requires an actual paper atlas - how old school! So when we come home I think we'll be needing caramelised pork and my gal's new fave udon noodles. With lots of wilted, garlic-infused greens.

Tuesday: late night at ballet and I *may* be squeezing in some socialising by heading out to the cinema with some of my twitter pals. We're off to see A Dangerous Method which should be fabulous. Easy dinner of spaghetti bolognaise I'm thinking.

Wednesday: netball training for my gal. Her eyes lit up today when I mentioned it's almost lamb shank weather. Perhaps I could sneak some in early don't you think?

Thursday: I *may* be going to the SurfHouse with a friend to debrief about Duran Duran. She got to stroke and sing with Simon, so I'm guessing I'll just be saying "OH MY GOD" a lot. Hubby has a ride in Maitland the next morning so he's off with my gal to his parents house. They'll be eating there, I'll be having bar snacks with my cocktails.

Friday: gotta do fish really, haven't I? Salmon on the bbq with a salad.

Saturday: I'm hoping this gorgeous weather will stick around. We'll be painting this weekend - hopefully getting the new wardrobe in our kitchen from Italian Nonna to Parisian Chic. I'll have bbq items ready to throw on.

Sunday: Roast night. I'm really into roasting chickens at the moment, the stuffing and accompaniments make it such a varied dish. Tonight might be just a 'shove-a-lemon-and-some-proscuitto-in-the-cavity' kind of night, but that makes for a delish dish.

And that's it - not really as quiet as I'd made out was it? Well, there's a little downtime in there isn't there? What are you eating?


  1. Oh, I want the recipe for tonight's dish. My mouth is watering!

    1. I'll post it tomorrow. I made it a few months ago and have no idea how I did it. Am hoping that tonight I'll just remember and be able to make it again. There was brown sugar and lime involved that's for sure!

  2. Haha, always love the passion you plan your meals with PPMJ. Sounds like a good week ahead... and still managing a little socialising into the mix, albeit not as social butterfly as last week. Enjoy! xo

  3. Love a roast chicken...though we're so lazy here we usually just pop a beer can up the bird and pop it on the BBQ.


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