Monday, April 09, 2012

meal planning monday

Ah, I'm coming at meal planning from a very relaxed perspective this week. I really do need a four weekend - at least once a month or so.... So, I'm sitting on my front veranda writing this - have discovered that my wi-fi stretches that far {hurrah} I'm busy this week, so here's what's on the menu:

Monday: I was v excited to find some really good looking Osso Bucco at Coles the other day. Shall be slow cooking that tonight and serving with soft polenta which will probably make my daughter do a wee dance of joy.

Tuesday: I'm off to Sydney tonight to stay with my pals The Divine Ms M and Mr A Grey Area. I know - how lucky am I? Don't care what we eat, I'll just gobble up the fab company. Shall organise some steaks for hubby and daughter to cook up and grab some salad from the vegie garden.

Wednesday: I'm in Sydney all day for a video shoot for work. Shall come home exhaustipated. Shall leave fixings for Spaghetti bol at home - that's always nice to come home to.

Thursday: There shall be homemade quiche lorraine for dinner tonight. With salad - you should see the leaves in our vegie garden!

Friday: Garlic and ginger poached chicken and thai fried rice. My thai basil is also going OFF and it needs pruning.

Saturday: BBQ - prawns perhaps? Yes? With salad and a roasted potato salad.

Sunday: Roast dinner night. We're probably due for a pork belly roast. Goodness knows that I have enough apples in my crisper to form a bed for them - nothing like caramelised apple sauce with your pork belly {well, maybe caramelised rhubarb sauce, but hey, I don't have an abundance of rhubarb in the fridge. Next time perhaps}.

And that's about it. What's cooking in your neck of the woods? PS: how CUTE are these lil mushroom shakers from ModCloth? Divine.

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