Monday, April 16, 2012

meal planning monday

Hey, how's things? It's the final week of our much-needed school holidays here and I'm revelling in it. It's also {surprise} another busy week for me - with not one, but two movie nights with friends {I KNOW!}. Here's what we're eating this week, where the nights are getting chilly, and I'm bringing out the slow cooker.

Monday: last night my gal had a sleepover at her nana and pa's so hubby and I took advantage and headed off to the jewel in Newcastle's glittering crown of dining - Subo. OH. MY. GOD. So good. I asked my gal what meal she wanted for her welcome home and she's requested duck. Yes, she is totally my daughter. So tonight it's duck confit, potatoes roasted in duck fat - and a salad as big as my head alongside.

Tuesday: I'm off to an early movie night so I'm going to make spaghetti and meatballs in a tomato sauce in the slow cooker. Yep, I am totally going to taunt myself with delicious smells all day. But it'll be worth it. Oh, I'm off to see Salmon Fishing in the Yeman with Ewan McGregor and Emily Blunt. Bliss.

Wednesday: Why yes, I am off to the movies again. Chicks at the Flicks to see The Lucky One. Very early night, I'll be eating popcorn for dinner. Husband and child won't settle for popcorn for dinner so they can make homemade pizza.

Thursday: I haven't made chicken pot pies for a while. Time to make them again I think. Served with loads of vegies - particularly glazed carrots and lotsa greens.

Friday: You know what I have a hankering for? Pork chops. Guess I should make some with a mustard sauce.

Saturday: BBQ night. Fish? Yes? With salad? Sounds good to me.

Sunday: Standing rib roast tonight. With yorkshire pudding! And loads of roasted vegies.

Tell me, what are you eating this week?


  1. Spaghetti & Meatballs for us tonight, with the home-made passata, basil, garlic & mozzarella.

    I'm giving your chicken pot-pies recipe a go this week, have been hankering after a home-made chicken pie for weeks & this one sounds delicious.

    Also have some diced goat meat in the freezer, so it's coming out & into the slow cooker for a goat curry.

    That's as far as I've got this week.

    Hope you have a good one!

  2. The chicken pot pies are so crazy simple - kids and adults love them. Am jealous of your goat. I always eye it off at the markets and haven't been game to experiment. let me know how you go!

  3. We use goat often throughout cooler months. I use it the way I would lamb, it has a similar, but I think, sweeter flavour. I sometimes feel a little bit guilty eating it, as we had a "pet" goat when I was a child!

    My kidlets are finally starting to eat "real" food, as opposed to pureed veg and sausages, and we are constantly amazed by what they love - satay chicken, beef & red wine casserole, brie, camembert. And we are overjoyed by what they turn their noses up at - frozen pizza, chicken nuggets, potato gems - at a recent party this what the kids were served...ours wanted the "real food" that the grown-ups were having!

  4. Ah, you're a marvel PPMJ! Sounds like you've got the week sorted. Yay for you getting out to two movies this week, that will be lovely! Popcorn for dinner is so good, a friend and I did that a few weeks back, not from choice, but because we misjudged timings etc... for dinner before hand. So it was popcorn and kettle chips... oh and a couple of glasses of wine in the bar! Haha!
    Enjoy your week xo

  5. My mum's chicken curry at their place tonight - with enough left over to take home to M - score all 'round.
    Tuesday: chicken wings with sweet potato mash and anything green in the fridge
    Wednesday: Chicken casserole with every root vegie I can get out of my dad's garden
    Thursday: will have to go shopping as that will be it for the food......something other than chicken, tho!
    BTW - saw Salmon Fishing on the Yemen yesterday - still resonating with me.
    I want to BE Emily Blunt; love Ewan McGregor - lovely, lovely movie.


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