Monday, April 30, 2012

meal planning monday

Hey, how was your weekend? Did it zoom by like mine did? Sheesh, seriously, time - slow down dude. We're pretty busy this week, and the weather's cooled considerably, so our meals this week reflect that.

Monday: a friend of mine mentioned Shephard's Pie on Twitter last night, and, as I'm the world's most suggestible person I knew I'd best make it for dinner tonight. Will serve it with roasted pumpkin - and peas cooked in chicken stock with some lettuce wilted through.

Tuesday: late night ballet for my gal. So I'll make spanish chicken. So easy. So good.

Wednesday: netball training. I think I'll make dukkah-crusted lamb fillets with roasted chickpea salad for dinner tonight.

Thursday: I have some last-minute shopping to do so I'd best make a hasty stir-fry. Chicken, cashew and noodles perhaps.

Friday: It's my hubby's birthday. Hurrah. We're off to dinner with all the family tonight so no cooking for moi!

Saturday: Something really light tonight. Let's say fritatta. Roasted vegies and chicken perhaps? With salad.

Sunday: It's got to be seven hour leg of lamb in this type of weather. Served with the lentils it's roasted on.

What's cooking in your house this week?


  1. well unlike you I am such a last minute girl ... but I do know tonight we are having French lamb shanks - a new effort for me so will have to see how they go :) best le xox

  2. ps also adore that image - how fab!

  3. Actually, you may be the SECOND most suggestible person. I think I'm having all of those things. (though it'd be far easier if you just let me come over and have then at your place).

  4. Would love to know more about your roasted chickpea salad pleaseeeee.....


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