Sunday, April 29, 2012

my new love

I fell in love last night.

With a cocktail.

See number four on the list? That's my idea of a heavenly mouthful. The sumptuous aroma of roses fills your mouth before the first sip. Oh my. My friends tried a Chanel No. 6 {dubbed new favourite drink} and French 75 {see a theme developing here?}. All went down very well indeed.

After writing about small bars we had to visit one.

So after dinner at the yacht club we moseyed on up to Bar Petite and snaffled a sofa with a wee marble side table. The place was filled with gorgeous peeps, and the most adorable girl was singing. Yet, we were still able to chat and hear each other.


Small bars. More please.


  1. mmm, sounds lovely. I could easily fall in love with most cocktails too!

  2. good to see the market place responding to the gen x mindset :) le xox

  3. Thanks for this, was just wondering about where to meet a friend for a mid-week escape-from-children drink! Bar Petit could be the very place!
    Sandra x

  4. Oh my, I can totally see why you're in love with that. I could probably knock off one of each on that list actually. Small bars are da bomb, so glad you had a great night out xo

  5. I don't even drink, but I reckon I would have to try that one. I have never even heard of rose liquer.

  6. Just looking at it....I think I'm falling madly in lust with #2


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