Thursday, April 26, 2012

on the rails

I'm feeling very clever today as I'm blogging ON THE TRAIN. I know. Clever.

I have a 2pm meeting in Sydney and as it was right in the centre of the city I thought it best to catch the train rather than drive and bother with parking. So I've packed my laptop, and my wi-fi dongle and I am SET. If I only had a portable coffee machine I'd be in heaven.

I painted my nails for this meeting last night. They're a kinda candy apple red and are making me happy. Much like all these beautiful Kate Spade nail polishes make me happy. And hello, talk about name dropping; they're Kate Spade, chosen by Poppy King inspired by Florence Broadhurst. Sheesh.

I do need them though - don't you think? Oh, and they're a travel set. Best plan a trip to accompany them...


  1. You are very clever and I agree a coffee machine would make it perfect! I love red nail polish but I only ever put colour on my toenails. I find that my finger nails are just too high maintenance and they look scraggy most of the time so I stick to neutrals. Enjoy your meeting and trip to the city. xx

  2. Those nail polish colors are fabulous! Might have to get me some of those.
    I haven't been on a train in so very long, wish I had an excuse like yours and i could sit back and enjoy the ride!

  3. On the train! Such a sophisticated blogger. x

  4. Where is Poppy King hiding? I lament her loss to lipstick culture, my all time favourite "Amore" is sadly no more....weep

  5. Ooo very pretty colours PPMJ, your candy apple nails sound delicious! You're a clever thing getting your blogging done on the train, what a great way to pass the time I say xo


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