Saturday, April 07, 2012


Couldn't possibly decide between the pink and red roses at the market today.

Naturally I bought both.

Greedy guts aren't I?


  1. The top one almost looks like a mauve!

    Gardening at the cottages this week - am only just up the big road otherwise known as the Pacific Hwy, lol.

    May have to plant a few more roses here too...

  2. And why not!? Would be a crime to leave them there. Now you can enjoy them both in all their rosy glory. Lovely! xo

  3. Mother's Day is coming up and I'm going to ask my girls for a rose to start off my new rose garden - I'm thinking 'Mother's Love' - it'll have to stay in a pot for a while, but that's OK. What do you think about all pink, white, cream and maybe mauve for my rose garden? I fancy a bit of lavender and seaside daisy in there, too - nice to dream.....


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