Friday, April 27, 2012

small bars in newcastle - one ace idea

When I was a wayward youth I loved nothing more than going out to noisy clubs where my friends and I would drink, dance and shout to be heard over the noise of the DJ. My knees and back were youthful in those days and I had no issue with standing for hours on end, only to race to the dancefloor when a New Order hit came over the sound system.

Now. Well, that's my idea of hell.

My idea of awesome is a small bar.

A nice place where you can buy wine by the glass, have a few tasty nibbles, sit around with other frocked-up or fabulous individuals and just enjoy the night.

Thankfully Newcastle finally has a small bar. It's called, appropriately enough, Bar Petite. And I'm happy it's here. I like it. I've found myself nestled in its French-style ambiance on a number of nights with a variety of friends. There's also Longworth House, which used to be The Airforce Club, where I used to mosh with my pals while the bands played on top of a pool table. Good times. Now it's classy, sophisticated, and the ideal spot to gather for a cocktail or nice glass of vino.

Would I like more of these places? Why yes. As a matter of fact I would. I'm greedy that way. I need variety.

So I was thrilled to see a petition calling for a rethink of our licensing laws, allowing more of these places to pop up. Sounds like the perfect way to help revitalise the city.

There's a petition here. Please sign it. They're aiming for 10 000 signatures by May 26, to take to council.

Of course, whenever there's a new idea there are always the naysayers. Those naysayers particularly like to raise the old furphy of new alcohol venues = more alcohol-fuelled violence. To those naysayers I like to say: have you seen the people meeting in small bars? They're not yobbos there to get drunk. They're nicely-dressed, nicely-spoken people who sometimes like to catch-up with friends over a drink. They're the type of people you WANT in your city.

So, if you live in Newy, know someone who lives here, like to visit here - or just think it's a damned good idea please sign the petition. And tell your friends. I'll buy you a drink in the next small bar if you do x


  1. We have a small bar in our suburb. It is the only bar/pub I will go to around here. HATE loud packed places x

  2. Love Bar Petite and all that can be consumed there....I definately think small bars are the new to sign the petition.

    1. They're certainly a positive move forward. Thanks for signing x


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