Tuesday, April 17, 2012

subo = sublime

When I first heard rumblings about a new Newy restaurant, I was excited. The pedigree of the owners was impeccible, and I loved their community involvement on twitter. The bistro was small and perfectly formed and I knew I had to get there. Last year, we managed to snaffle a table on our 10th wedding anniversary. Oh my, it was divine. You know how sometimes you have extraordinarily high expectations? Can you imagine them being surpassed? At Subo, mine were. So I thought I'd best write up my Subo review. 

Arriving through an awesome timber door you'll be greeted by the gorgeous smiling face of Suzie. This is what front of house should be like. Being greeted as if you're a welcome friend you're seated at one of 10 tables and you know you're in for a treat. After offering a choice of tap or mineral water, then it's time to dive in and explore the menu.

Oh my.

This is Beau. He's the creative mind behind some food combinations that just need to be tasted. This is food that's an experience, but that is also an absolute pleasure to eat. Every plate is a work of art, every morsel a tastebud's delight.

Last night we had a child-free night, so I thought I'd try for a last minute table. Upon calling, Suzie delighted me with the news that yes - there was a space - hurrah for last-minute cancellations. I may have deafened her with my OHMYGODs.

Sunday nights have a tasting menu at Subo, something I'm keen-as to try on my next visit. But, as we'd been out to lunch earlier, I knew there was no way I could fit in more than two courses. So we checked out the menu.

We started with some gorgeous sourdough from a bakery in Dungog, served with house-churned butter. Hello.

I'd heard mention somewhere earlier about a new dish: sugar-cured salmon gravlax, something I'd been keen to try - and I knew this would be worth tasting. Was it?

On a bed of creme fraiche were the most exquisite cubes of salmon I've tasted. Topped with fresh and crispy roasted beetroot, dill and finger lime {hello, taste sensation} here is a plate you need to meet. See that little sandy pile off to the right? English Mustard Sand. Quite possible one of the best things I've ever tasted. It had all the flavour of mustard, but with a completely different texture, so it worked beautifully with the beetroot, salmon, creme fraiche and dill. I nearly cried as I came to the end of this dish.


Vegetables can be amazing.

Five hour carrots wrapped in hay charcoal and served with crispy carrot tops and so many other taste sensations that my mouth just didn't know what to do with itself. This was incredible. An experiment that went very right indeed. I really wish I had a copy of the menu to tell you all about the delicious range of flavours on this plate but let me just say, every flavour and texture you'd dream of was all nestled on this plate. Amazing. Just amazing.

Now, you know I love pork - and oh, this dish was like the essence of pork distilled into incredible mouthfuls. An indescribably rich pork sausage was grilled to perfection, and served with crisp morsels of crackling, green grapes, roasted parsnip and the most amazing roasted brussell sprouts. T'was so damned good. Food like this makes you happy. Very happy indeed.

My hubby had the chicken wing confit with hay veloute and the most melt-in-your-mouth beef the world has ever seen. He was in love.

We washed it down with a bottle of delicious De Iulius wine - at a very reasonable price and groaned that we weren't able to fit in dessert.

Throughout the meal our glasses were topped up with wine and water in an attentive and unobtrusive manner and every portion of every meal was explained with quiet enthusiasm by Suzie.

If you ever come to Newcastle book in early as this 20-seater bistro fills up with people who love good food. I'll be back for the tasting plate - I can't wait to sample all of what this amazing place has to offer.


  1. Quite some time ago, when The Brasserie was still on the (Newcastle) foreshore, I had possibly the best meal I've ever eaten. I can remember that meal as if I ate it last night. When I got to the end of it I wanted to lick the plate clean - and, as we were sitting at the back and out of anyone's eyeline, I did get every last bit of it up by wiping my finger on the plate and licking it. We've had many other wonderful meals out - before and since - but nothing beats that one. Oh, except an amazing lamb-and-rosemary dish I had at Coff's Harbour Bowling club - yes really!
    I do love the relaxed atmosphere of a good cafe - Goldbergs being my favourite - but really look forward to those occasions where fine dining is all that will do.

  2. Suzie & Beau are a dynamic duo and I am forever grateful they've decided to make Newcastle home. Subo is delightful.

  3. My tummy is now rumbling!! YUMMY!! I haven't been out for dinner in a while, time to don some heels and get out and about I reckon!! :) Hazel

  4. That looks amazing. Could almost smell it.

  5. Ooo, that does all sound very fancy indeed. I love dining at exquisite restaurants, it doesn't happen often, but when it does, it's bliss. So nice you were able to have a night out with hubby enjoying those culinary delights xo

  6. I want to be greeted by Suzie's smiling face.


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