Friday, May 04, 2012

flowers for friday

I have a newfound love for carnations. I bought these the other day and they're just so pretty! And the scent! Oh my. As my first job was in a florist as a 13 year old, I grew tired of carnations very quickly as the most common request for for a bunch of mixed carnations, with one sprayed blue.


No blue spray in this bunch - just a hyper-saturated pink {blame instagram - I had to mess with it}. I know that carnations have been heralded as making a comeback for years, but my prejudices blinded me. No more, I'm going to embrace these poor gal's peonies.

So, today it's my lovely husband's birthday. His 40th! {bless} He's having a sleep-in then I'm making him a bowl of coffee and bacon and eggs. Oh, and the pressies, let's not forget those.

Looks like Newy's turned on a nice day for it - hopefully he'll fit in a bike ride today too.

Enjoy your Friday x


  1. ooh happy birthday mr. ppmj!
    hope you guys have a great weekend!

  2. I've always loved carnations! Funny how flowers go in and out of fashion, isn't it. You have to remember to change the water EVERY day, though, or it smells awful. Or is there a trick to it?

  3. Oh I'm a big fan of the carnation PPMJ, I even wrote a post about them once funnily enough. They do have the most delightful scent and come in such pretty colours. For me, they'll always be a bit of an 80's flower I guess, as they were popular back then, when I was a child.
    Hope hubby had a lovely 40th and you have something special planned together over the weekend. Enjoy! xo

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