Friday, May 11, 2012

flowers for friday

Would you LOOK at this image - so many of my favourite things. Single blooms in wee little containers, blue milk glass, tulips, glorious, glorious roses. Oh my WORD. My carnations have finally given up the ghost this week, so I think I need to gather some more blooms. Luckily my Duchess de Brabant roses are in full bloom so I can do the single blooms in wee containers trick. Love.

So, it's Friday - YAY! Very, very happy to see the end of this week. It was, you know, just one of those weeks where things are annoying. My gal had a massive assignment, which, despite her starting on early and doing lots of work over two weeks - still required a gigantic burst at the end. Then there's Naplan next week {shudder}. Thankfully there doesn't seem to be the same pressure at high school as there was at primary. Oh for the olden days when Naplan was there to point out where your child needed help - not used as a tool to assess schools...

It's GLORIOUS weather here at the moment. Seriously, we've had 25 degree days. Bliss. And the sky is the most exquisite shade of blue. We've got a fair bit on this weekend, lots of sporting stuff tomorrow, and then I'm off to check out another French film {yay!} with a fab friend {double-yay}.

Sunday's mother's day and I've asked for a French breakfast - warm croissant, Lurpak butter, Bonne Maman jam and a bowl of coffee. Easy peasy - but soooooooo good. Then we're off on a day trip to Gloucester - fun!

Enjoy your day, and your weekend.


  1. Oh. You've got a great one this week! So pretty! Isn't that blue just amazing!

    I hope your girl is feeling better (if the assignment is over?). And I agree with you on NAPLAN. I despise the pressure they are putting on students. Last year, they did weeks of extra practice for it so that by the time it came along so many of the children were over-studied and a mess. I think I hate NAPLAN.

  2. Ooo sounds like a lovely Mother's Day breakky lined up, yum!
    Bummer about the ho hum week though, hope the weekend sees you relaxed and ready for a better time next week.
    And your flowers pictured here are just divine xo

  3. I love the flowers, so feminine and delicate!!!


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